City of Austin Fingerprinting

The City of Austin recently passed legislation requiring TNC drivers to be fingerprinted. Per City of Austin regulations, Drivers may only be fingerprinted through the City approved vendor MorphoTrust.
Follow the steps below to complete your fingerprinting:
1. Pre-enroll for your appointment (required) by visiting this link:
2. If you prefer to schedule over the phone, please call 888-467-2080 and when prompted by the representative, provide the following six character Service Code: 11GYVN.
3. Arrive at your scheduled appointment with your unexpired state or federal issued photo identification (driver license is best) and payment. 
4. Print the attached waiver form (see below), fill it out and cross out the words "/ DO NOT" in the first line of the document and write "Wingz" in the list of Authorized TNC(s).
5. Fingerprinting results will be sent to the Austin Transportation Dept. (ATD) and you will be issued an ID card that lists the TNCs for which you can drive.
6. Please email a copy of the front and back of your ID card to to notify us that you have been fingerprinted.
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