City of Houston requires TNC drivers to obtain a permit in order to operate on a TNC platform within Houston city limits.  The following are the steps drivers must take to obtain a permit:

  1. Complete a fingerprint background check and have the results sent to the city.

  2. Complete a physical and a five panel non-DOT drug test. The drug test results must be in a sealed envelope when you submit them to the city.

  3. Complete a warrant check at 1400 Lubbock Street at the Houston Municipal Court. Complete the top of the warrant check from and the city will run your Texas driver’s license and stamp the form.

  4. Make sure you have received your Wingz trade dress and obtained a fire extinguisher. Per city regulations, you must have a fire extinguisher in your vehicle that is within arm’s reach.

  5. Go to the City of Houston Permitting Center at 1002 Washington Avenue to turn in your application and have your vehicle inspected. Please remember to bring your Wingz trade dress with you to the permitting center.  After you receive your TNC license inside, your vehicle will be inspected outside the permitting center.