Wingz, Inc provides a $1M per incident liability insurance policy.  Coverage is provided for any private passenger auto not owned, leased, rented, borrowed, or hired by the insured while: the auto is being operated by the scheduled Named Operator, the auto is being used in connection with the insured’s passenger transportation operation, and the auto is not being used for personal, pleasure, or family purpose.

Follow all procedures presented below, gather all the necessary information and contact our Wingz’ Driver Support Team at (888) 231-8124.  Please make sure to also file a claim with your personal auto insurance provider, and exchange personal insurance information to all parties involved at the scene of an accident.

In case of an automobile accident during a Wingz’ ride:

  1. Stop immediately and turn on emergency flashers.

  2. Take steps to prevent another accident at the scene by pulling over to the shoulder or somewhere safe.

  3. Call 911 or ambulance if necessary.

  4. Notify police and the Wingz’ Driver Support Team.

In the event of significant property damage, actual or potential serious injury, or death, the Driver involved will immediately notify the Wingz’ Driver Support Team as soon as it is possible.

If the vehicle is unsafe to operate, arrange for towing services and advise the passenger to take a Taxi, or other ride options and they will be reimbursed by Wingz for their fare.

When reporting an accident:

  1. Get the name and address of witness (preferably two witnesses).

  2. Provide your name, address, and proof of insurance.

  3. Upon request, show your Driver’s license and vehicle registration.

  4. State the facts to the best of your knowledge.  Conclusions as to fault or responsibility should not be stated.

Please take note of the following information at the accident scene:

  1. Registration Information for other vehicle(s) (owner’s name, address, tag number, VIN, and vehicle description.)

  2. Information of other driver(s) (name, address, proof of insurance)

  3. Name and address of each person involved and extent of injury, in any;

  4. Name and address of company insuring other vehicle(s) and policy number.

  5. General information such as location, time, weather, damage, etc.

  6. Use your cell phone or camera to take pictures of the accident scene and any damage to the vehicles involved.

  7. Encourage police to provide a police report.

Accident / collision reports should be filed for:

  1. All motor vehicle accidents involving a vehicle during a Wingz’ ride regardless of the amount of damage.

  2. All motor vehicle accidents involving injury, fatality, or medical treatment.