If you encounter any damage to your vehicle from a Rider(s) related to any Wingz Ride, please provide documentation, photos, and any additional information that will assist Wingz Driver Support Team members to quantify the extent of the damage and identify the responsible party(s) via time/date stamped photos, etc.

To request payment for the cost of cleaning, please submit a photo of the mess or damage within 3 business days of the Wingz Ride. We'll review and provide a flat fee if appropriate.

Please note that a rider determined to be responsible for a mess will be notified of your claim and charged the cleaning fee. If the rider effectively disputes this charge, we may be unable to provide reimbursement.

Flat fee assessments are determined by the following levels of severity:

$0 - Not a significant mess. Cleaned or wiped up quickly and easily. Includes water spills.

$20 - Small interior mess that requires vacuuming or simple cleaning (minor food or beverage spills, dirt).

$40 - Moderate mess on vehicle's exterior (food or beverage mess).

$80 - Moderate interior mess (larger food or beverage spills on fabric or other hard-to-clean surfaces, minor bodily fluid messes).

$150 - Major mess that requires cleaning between the window and door or air vents (major bodily fluid messes).