A new transfer policy was put into place on March 7, 2016. Transfers via text message will no longer be accepted; you must use the transfer button in the app or email transfer@wingz.com under the below situations.

 *If you have an emergency transfer, please send an email and call 888-231-8124.

When to use the transfer button:

Please note the following fees will apply:

                 Transfer Request Timing                                      Transfer Fee

         More than 12 hours before the pick-up                                    $10

       Between 4 & 12 hours before the pick-up                                  $20

          Less than 4 hours before the pick-up                                   Full Fare


When to email transfer@wingz.com:

  • Your passenger's flight is delayed, and you can no longer accommodate the new pick up. 

  • The rider has entered incorrect details or is at fault.

  • You can no longer fulfill a directly accepted ride but have found a new Wingz driver who can provide the ride.

Wingz does not keep any of the transfer fees. 100% of these fees will be used to incentivize other drivers to accept the transferred ride request. The only exception is if we cannot find a new driver, in which case the fees are used to help compensate the rider.