Wingz has teamed up to Vistaprint to assist in helping you promote your own driving business! 

The order process will only take a few minutes, but delivery will take several days. Please remember that by ordering your promo cards, you will

  • Be able to generate Favorite Driver bookings and to build your own customer base and business,

  • Receive $5 for every new customer you are referring.


To get these promo cards, please follow these simple steps:

1 - Copy or write down your personal Driver Referral Code, accessible on your driver app using the "More" menu and the "Invite Customers" link. Your Driver Referral Code is typically your first name followed by 2 letters of your last name.


2 - Click here to customize and order your cards. You will only need to enter your name ("Jonah Sabino" in the example) and your referral code ("" in the sample card below). You will be able to see a preview of your card as well as of the referral URL.