All Wingz drivers have followed a Health & Safety training and received a PPE kit to keep their passengers and themselves safe and to help avoid spreading the virus.

Please keep in mind that both you and your passenger(s) can transmit the virus if one of you was infected previously, even if you don't have severe symptoms. This situation creates stress, which is best eliminated by taking the recommended measures and by communicating openly about the security procedures you follow and recommend.

In addition to the general recommendations listed here, we recommend to follow a few additional procedures to protect yourself and your riders:

  • Sanitize high-touch areas of your vehicle
    Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes shall be readily available in your vehicle at all times. After each ride, wipe vehicle parts that riders are in contact with using disinfectant wipes. 
    • Seats
    • Interior and exterior car door handle
    • Power Window switches
    • Armrests
    • Windows
    • Phone chargers

  • When greeting your rider
    • Keep the recommended 6-feet distance and avoid shaking hands or any other physical contact.
    • Ask that passengers keep the front seat empty
    • Suggest your rider to use hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle and explain what precautions you are using to protect both the rider and yourself from being infected.

  • Luggage handling
    • Avoid handling the passenger’s luggage if possible. If the passenger needs assistance with his/her luggage make sure to sanitize hands before and after handling.