Wingz Drivers are to pick up riders from the designated rideshare pick-up area ONLY which is level 5 of the Domestic Parking Garage.

For international pick-ups, the designated rideshare pick-up area is the departure level outside at the center island, zones 14-17.

Wingz Drivers are not allowed to pick up riders from Arrivals or other non-designated areas. Breaking this rule is a disservice to fellow drivers and sets the rider up for disappointment and frustration when they expect the next driver to break the rule as well. 

Violation of the pick-up procedure will result in temporary or permanent suspension of your Wingz Driver account.

 For pick-ups, please call or text your rider when they land to confirm that you will pick them up in the domestic garage. Then, have the rider reach out to you with which zone they are in, and proceed to the specific pick-up location.

To access the garage location, the Airport has provided the following directions:

When approaching the airport, keep left for Domestic Terminals 1/2/3. Continue to keep left, following signs for “Hourly Parking” then “Domestic Hourly Parking”. Following the signs for “Garage Pick Ups” and at the garage entry plaza, use the left-most lane for “Limo/Lyft/Uber” Only. Proceed to the pickup zone that you coordinated with your rider. SFO has also prepared this educational video to help drivers with the transition:

For pick-ups at the International terminal, the location is in the TNC zone on the center island outside the terminal on the Departures level. The curb of the center island is painted with blue and green stripes and signs displaying "Ride App Pickup" and a large zone number identify the pick-up areas (12-17). 

Please remember to track the rider's flight, communicate with the rider prior to the pick-up to confirm the ride details, and text or call the passenger when you have arrived at the airport to help the process go smoothly.