1. Pre-Registration
    Click here to use our pre-registration form.

  2. Complete your profile
    We will contact you when we onboard drivers in your area and we will send you a link to submit your driver profile information and upload all the required documents.

  3. Driver Orientation
    We will contact you for an orientation session when we onboard new drivers in your region.

  4. Background Check 
    We will run a Criminal background check and check your driving record

  5. Vehicle Inspection
    Vehicle inspections are valid for one year. If are already driving for another TNC or TCP company and your vehicle passed the inspection, please upload a picture of your inspection report. If you don't have a current inspection, you will be able to go to any Wheelworks or Firestone location and ask for a 19-point Wingz vehicle inspection.

  6. Online Tutorial and Knowledge Test
    We will send you a link to our online tutorial and knowledge test.

  7. Order your Wingz business cards
    We have created business card templates that will enable you to promote your service and create your own customer base.

  8. Activation
    Activated on the Wingz platform to download the Driver app (cannot be downloaded until the account is activated).