Your profile information will be visible to riders who book a ride and it contains information that will only be visible to the Wingz staff.

To edit your driver profile, go to

Public Profile: Profile Picture, Vehicle Picture, and Bio

Please remember that the profile picture is the first impression a rider will get from the driver. Using a profile picture with a smile will create a good first impression. Please make sure that there are no other persons on your profile picture. If the rider doesn't feel comfortable with your profile, they can cancel the ride. We recommend using a headshot with a smiling face to make the rider feel welcome.

A front-side view photo of your vehicle with the license plate visible is required as well.

Your Bio is another element that riders who don’t know you will see when they book a ride with you. Please present yourself and describe some personal info, such as favorite restaurants, hobbies, or sports teams that you feel comfortable sharing. A rider who reads your bio might engage in a conversation during the ride.




Update your Bank account info

Please enter your routing and bank account number. You will be able to find this information on your personal check (see below) or on your banking portal. It is important to double-check that this info is accurate because we will use your entry to issue your weekly payments.