You can easily cancel your Wingz booking in the app or on the Wingz website by logging into your account.

In case of a cancellation the following policy will apply:  


- Up to 2 hours before your pick-up time.

- Less than 2 hours before your pick-up time IF the reason is out of your control.
Ex: your flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes / your flight is canceled / your flight arrived more than 30 minutes early / you missed your flight / your driver is late.

- Wearing a facemask during the ride is mandatory for riders and drivers. They can both decline or cancel rides for safety reasons, including if the other person they were scheduled to share a ride with refuses to wear a facemask.


Ride fare is defined as the original, non-discounted, non-promotional fare of the ride.



- If your driver is already on the way to pick you up.

- Less than 2 hours before your pick-up time WITHOUT a valid reason.



Keep in mind that drivers will wait for you for 30 minutes after your pick-up time at the airport and 15 minutes for a home pick-up.

- If your driver is on time at your pick-up location.

- If your driver has waited for 30 minutes post pick-up time without the ability to communicate with you.

- If you cancel after your pick-up time.

- In case of any other no shows.

- If you double booked a ride and two drivers show up.