Wingz is not a tax advisor and employees are unable to provider personal advice about taxes, income reporting or unemployment. Please consult your tax professional with income related questions. 

Wingz works with to file and deliver your 1099 tax forms. During tax season, you will receive an email invitation from Payable to sign up. This will need to be done in order to update/verify your tax information that will be used on your 1099.

Payable is secure, easy and has resources to help answer many of your questions in the Payable Help Center. More specific information regarding 1099's can be found here.


Will I receive a 1099?

Wingz is required to issue 1099's to drivers who make over $600 during the fiscal year. Wingz requires every driver to fill out a W-9 form prior to being activated on our platform. This form enables you to provide your taxpayer identification information. Even if you make less than $600, which is the federal guideline for filing income taxes, Wingz is still required to collect a Form W-9 for our reporting purposes.

For more information, please find information on the IRS website about Independent Contractors and W-9/1099 forms.