Why should I enter my flight info in my request?

Entering your flight info in your request is optional. However, we strongly recommend you to do it to ensure a smooth pick-up. Here is why:

- I gave my flight info:

Your driver will be able to track your flight and react accordingly if your flight lands early or if your flight is delayed. You also get the luxury of canceling your ride at no cost if you can't take your ride because of a early/delayed flight.

- I did not give my flight info:

Your driver will be here to pick you up at your pick-up time. Drivers are allowed to wait 30 minutes after your pick-up time. If you did not meet your driver within this 30 minutes window, the driver is free to go and you will be charged the full price of the ride. If your flight is early, delayed or if you don't need the ride anymore, you will be responsible for the cancellation of your ride.

To learn more about our cancellation policies, click here.

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